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If you are a male, harbouring a thought about joining a Choir or wish to start a new hobby, then look no further than joining Tonna Male Voice Choir.

The Choir has been in existence for 50 years and during this time members have performed in 11 countries as well as touring extensively across the UK.

They have shared the stage with many famous international artists and have performed at the Royal Albert Hall, the MEN Arena, Manchester; the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff and many other prestigious locations.

In addition, each year, the Choir carries out approximately 12 concerts for Charity both in the local community as well as on their ‘annual Autumn trip’.

At present, membership stands at 43 members with ages ranging from 25 to 88 years but everyone thinks that they are in their 20s!

Members are drawn from all walks of life, so there is bound to be someone with whom you share things in common.

One of the most often heard quotes from new members is “I wish I had joined years ago,” so don’t waste another year thinking about it, join now!

Just to ease your mind – here’s an idea of what happens:-

  • Just turn up at Tonna Community School (School Road, Tonna) at 7.00pm on a Monday or at 7.30pm on a Wednesday and someone will take you under their wing.
  • You can choose to just sit, watch and listen whilst we rehearse, or you can sit in amongst the lads, to get ‘the feel’ of things.
  • You can ask questions and find out further details before making any decisions or committing yourself to anything.
  • You will not be asked to take a singing test and you do not have to have any prior experience of singing or of music (although it does help), so you needn’t worry that you might make a fool of yourself. We all started as a ‘newbie’ at one time.
  • If you do decide to join

You will immediately have over 40 new friends

You will have the chance to develop as a chorister and as a champion and custodian of the Welsh choral heritage

You will travel and have new experiences

You will directly and indirectly support a range of Charities and local community groups

You will feel a sense of self-pride and achievement

That’s all there is to it!

Come and join us now.

For any further information you might want, before coming, contact our Secretary

Please send us an email through our Contact Us Page – located here!

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